Teeth Whitening

Celebrities are not born with a perfect set of teeth. It’s cosmetic dentistry which gives you the perfect set of pearly whites. Tooth whitening is a great way of lightening the natural color of your teeth. You get a great smile without any of the tooth surface being removed. However, tooth whitening does not bring a complete color change, but only lightens the existing shade of your teeth. Top actors in Hollywood go for tooth whitening to improve their looks and smile. A visit to your cosmetic dentist can transform heavily-stained and misaligned teeth into the picture-perfect set of teeth. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for cosmetic dentistry.

Why tooth whitening?

Removes the effects of aging: Well, who doesn’t want to look young? Your tooth enamel gets worn down with age. Tooth whitening restores your healthy and beautiful smile, by removing the effects of aging from your teeth.

Ace the job interview: Your bright smile may well fetch you the next job. The dentist can help you to get a bright and healthy set of teeth, which improves your confidence to nail that job.

Removes the effects of smoking: Smoking leads to oral health problems and damages your teeth. The build-up of plaque on your teeth causes tooth discoloration. Tooth whitening removes the effects of tooth discoloration, giving you a white set of teeth. Take a look at Best Reasons To Help You Quit Smoking Now

Special Occasions: Tooth Whitening gives you a bright smile for your birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Bite food with confidence: Your teeth get stained if your diet has a lot of coffee and tea. Teeth whitening removes food stains giving you a bright smile. 

Tooth Whitening: Office Bleach

The dentist may suggest a procedure called in-office bleaching or chairside bleaching to whiten your teeth at the dental clinic. Well, before the dentist does the in-office bleach, your teeth will have to be cleaned. It is crucial that the dentist removes the plaque build-up and surface stains for healthy gums and bright teeth. The dentist will fill any cavities and take care of a leaking dental filling before the in-office bleaching.

The dentist compares your existing tooth color to shade in the stylized chart. It provides the dentist with a benchmark to gauge the improvement after teeth whitening.
The dentist polishes your teeth with pumice. He then places a cheek retractor to expose all your teeth which are visible when you smile. He isolates your lips and gums with a protective material to avoid any damage. You are offered eye goggles to protect your eyes from the bleaching gel.
The dentist would apply a translucent bleaching gel to your gums which releases an active ingredient like carbamide peroxide. The special laser light would be used to activate the crystals in the gel. The crystals absorb the energy from the light and penetrate the tooth enamel. It increases the lightening effect on your teeth. The dentist will remove the retractor and ask you to rinse your mouth. He may polish the teeth again with pumice. The in-office bleach might take a couple of hours and depends on the degree of tooth discoloration. The entire process may be completed in a couple of visits to the dental clinic. If your teeth are badly discolored, you may have to continue with the tooth bleaching process at your home.

Tooth Whitening: Home Bleach

You can also bleach your teeth in the comfort of your home. The dentist will make impressions of your upper and lower teeth. This helps in preparing the well-fitting custom mouthpieces, that ensure the whitening agent remains in contact with your teeth. You must fill the mouthpiece with the bleaching gel and wear it for some time each day. You get to see the results of the whitening process within a few weeks. You may also use the over-the-counter whitening products to whiten your teeth. It is usually weaker as compared to the whitening agents offered by your dentist. However, the over-the-counter mouthpiece won’t fit you as well as the customized mouthpieces offered by your dentist. One of the main benefits of the in-office tooth whitening is the results are faster as compared to the home bleach. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for high-quality dental treatment.

Cost of tooth whitening

Well, the tooth whitening office bleach can cost you Rs 12,000. The tooth whitening home bleach would be around Rs 8,000. The procedure will not hurt you or cause any discomfort.
Tooth whitening gives you a well-polished set of bright teeth. It is an investment that pays dividends across your lifetime. It can boost your career and gave you a dazzling look when you go out with friends.

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