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Cosmetic Dentistry Question & Answers

  What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry includes all the treatments and procedures that help patients of all ages enjoy more attractive, healthier-looking teeth and smiles. Studies have shown having an attractive smile results in greater self-confidence as well as an improved perception of other people. Cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easy for patients to get the beautiful smiles they want.  What kinds of treatments and procedures are included in cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry includes an array of procedures aimed at improving aesthetics, including: · teeth whitening · veneers · crowns · tooth-colored fillings (or white fillings) · cosmetic bonding · bridges, Cosmetic dentures, and implants · Invisalign® · crown lengthening or gum grafts During the consultation appointment, patients will have plenty of time to discuss their concerns and learn about the most appropriate treatment options